About Us

  In 2008, the Friends helped
complete a system of new trail signs,
 partly funded by Friends activitie

The Friends of Pike Lake Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a greater appreciation of the Kettle Moraine State Forest-Pike Lake Unit. The Friends of Pike Lake involve the public in their activities and events.

The Friends of Pike Lake appreciate your financial support through the purchase of T-shirts, nature  books, etc., donations and/or joining as a member. Anyone can become a member and help in planning and staffing special activities in the forest such as the candlelight ski/hike, community campfire, and other activities.  All funds are used for the enhancement of programs at the state forest

The Friends of Pike Lake have been active in assisting Forest staff with the following services and programs;
  • Hosting the annual candlelight ski night.  
  • Providing funding for new interpretive signage throughout the forest. 
  • Hosting the annual community campfire program.  
  • Provide nature based items for sale at the Forest gift shop. 
  • Provide funding for the "Birds of Prey" interpretive display at the Forest office.

The Friends group undertakes occasional service projects for the park in addition to supporting the two annual events.  In 2008, the Friends helped complete a system of new trail signs, partly funded by Friends activities.