Looking to the future
The Friends of Pike Lake have entered into a long-term project to provide for the future of this beautiful facility. 

Pete Hoffman, Friends of Pike Lake, Inc, President, and Charles Luthin, Executive Director of the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, signing the contract documents to create the Friends of Pike Lake Endowment, June 8, 2010, at the Pike Lake DNR office. 

     On June 8th, 2010,  the Friends of Pike Lake signed documents to create an endowment to provide permanent financial support for activities supporting programs at the Pike Lake Unit of the Southern Kettle-Moraine State Forest.  The endowment will be administered through the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin.  The Friends group will make annual payments into the endowment through its ongoing fund-raising activities.  In addition, the group welcomes tax-deductible contributions from individuals and foundations. (More information PDF)

Preserving our natural areas and open space for recreation, relaxation and education has long been recognized as adding vitality to any community and country. The preservation of Kettle
Moraine State Forest - Pike Lake Unit is no exception. Created in 1963, the park has provided enjoyment for southeast Wisconsinites for many years.

No one knows what the future holds, though we can all agree continuous support is needed to ensure the same enjoyment that we experience is likewise shared by others whose footprints have yet to touch the soil. Never before has this been easier than it is today.

Making a contribution by check, stocks, bonds, land or life insurance to the Friends of Pike Lake
Endowment fund secures the continuing long-term support of this wonderful open space just east of Hartford. No matter the amount, your contribution will be applied directly to the endowment principle, having everlasting impact.

Why contribute to the Friends of Pike Lake Endowment Fund?
Protect the long-term recreational value of the Pike Lake Unit
  1. Support future volunteer interpretive services of the Pike Lake Unit
  2. Support future environmental educational programs of the Pike Lake Unit
  3. Help keep Pike Lake open space available for year-round recreation
  4. Long-term local impact of your contribution
  5. Tax-exempt donation, regardless of amount of cash, stocks, bonds, land, life insurance
  6. Help us reach our goal of $100K (of principal) by June 2020
  7. Brief History of Pike Lake Unit

The idea for a state run recreation area on Pike Lake began to take shape back in the early
1960’s. In 1963, the Wisconsin State legislature gave its approval. Shortly thereafter, several key parcels of land along the east shore of the lake, the Frank farm and the Eiche farm specifically, were purchased. Additional land purchases soon followed.

Development of the campground, picnic areas, roads and trails occurred during the late 1960’s.
The area opened officially to the public as Pike Lake State Park in 1971. In the late 1990’s, the
Wisconsin DNR changed the designation from its inaugural Pike Lake State Park to the Pike
Lake Unit, Kettle Moraine State Forest in recognition of the importance this area plays in the totality of the Kettle Moraine region of southeastern Wisconsin.